Dr. Makarand V. Damle


Educational Qualifications

Degree Institute Year of Passing
M.S. ( ENT ) Mumbai University
Topiwala Nair Medical College & B.Y.L.
Nair Charitable Hospital
Jan 2000.
D.N.B ( ENT ) National Board Of Examinations,
New Delhi
Jan 2001.
F.C.P.S. (ENT) College Of Physicians And Surgeons,
Apr 2000.
D.O.R.L (ENT) College Of Physicians And Surgeons,
Mar 1999.
M.B.B.S Bombay University
Seth G.S Medical College And K.E.M Hospital
Jan 1996

Surgical Experience

Expertise in the following ENT and Head – Neck surgeries

  • Endoscopic skull base surgery – Transnasal trans sphenoid excision of Pituitary tumours, Endoscopic Closure of CSF rhinorrea, Endoscopic excision of intranasal tumours, orbital / optic nerve decompression
  • Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy, Stapedotomy, Facial Nerve Decompression, Myringotomy and Grommet insertion.
  • Septoplasty, SMR, Surgery for Fractured nasal bones, , Caldwell Luc operation, Maxillectomy.
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – for sinusitis, polyposis, DCR
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, Tracheotomy, Thyroid Surgery, Laryngectomy, Radical Neck Dissection.
  • Esophagoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Micro- laryngeal Surgery, Direct Laryngoscopy.

Special Interests

  • Extended Endoscopic Sino nasal surgery
  • Stapedotomy
  • Thyroid Surgery

Professional Experience

Post Graduate Training

Completed 3 year Residency programme in T.N. Medical College and B.Y.L Nair Charitable Hospital between February 1997 and January 2000. During this period worked in a Department set up by the doyen of ENT surgery in India, i.e Dr. L.H. Hiranandani. Was registered as a postgraduate student under Dr. N.L. Hiranandani.

Post Qualification Experience

( Feb 2000 to July 2000 and June 2001 to July 2001)
Worked for 8 months at K.B. Bhabha Mun. General Hospital under Dr. H.K. Sheode. Honed skills in routine ENT surgery and attended to a lot of maxillofacial trauma cases that the hospital routinely receives.

( Feb 1998 to July 1998, Aug 2000 to Jan 2001, Aug 2001 till Jan 2002 )
Worked for more than 1 year at Seth A.J.B. Mun. ENT Hospital, Fort, Mumbai which is the first government hospital set up in India wholly dedicated to ENT and Head and Neck surgery. The hospital caters to over 350 patients daily on an outdoor basis. Surgical experience gained here is invaluable in terms of the number as well as the quality of cases treated.

Held a 2 month post of Observer in Head and Neck Surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital which gave exclusive exposure to management of head and neck malignancies.


“Medical Management Of Sinusitis”

Bombay Hospital Journal Vol. 41, No 4, Oct 1999.

“Infections Of The Upper Respiratory Tract”

A Passi Publication Pvt. Ltd, Series-1 of Managing Tonsillitis- In practice,5.

“Unusual Presentation Of An Angiofibroma With Cavernous Sinus Involvement”

Bombay Hospital Journal Vol.42, No 4, Oct 2000.

"Epidermoid Cyst Of The Floor Of The Mouth- A Case Report"

Bombay Hospital Journal Vol. 44, No. 2, 2002.


" A Study of Complications of Unsafe Chronic Otitis Media "

" A Study of 30 Cases of Tuberculous Otitis Media "

Professional Memberships

Life Member - AOI
(Association of Otolaryngologists of India)

Life Member - AOI
Mumbai Branch.

Life Member - AOI Mumbai
West Branch

Life Member - Alumni Association
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital

Scientific Contribution

  • May 1997
    • Attended the 1st Workshop on Otology and middle ear surgery held at the Seth A. J. B. Mun. ENT Hospital, Mumbai.
  • May 1998
    • Attended the 2nd Workshop on Otosurgery held at the Seth A. J. B. Mun. ENT Hospital, Mumbai.
  • November 1999
    • Attended the international workshop on Otology and Parotid surgery at the Seth A.J.B. Mun. ENT Hospital.
    • Attended the Millennium Annual AOI - Mumbai Branch conference held at the Taj-President Hotel.
    • Member of Organising Committee of international workshop and state of art symposium on Micro surgery of the ear and rhinoplasty held at the Seth A. J. B. Municipal ENT Hospital, Mumbai.Attended the Millennium Annual AOI - Mumbai Branch conference held at the Taj-President Hotel.
  • December 2000
    • Attended Live Surgery Demonstration and Seminar on Otology held by the Otology and Skull Base Group, Dr. B. Nanavati Hospital and Medical Research Center, Mumbai conducted by Prof. Jacob Sade.
  • January 2002
    • Attended the "Advanced Endoscopic Surgery Workshop" at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center.
    • Presented a paper " A study of 10 cases of Intratympanic Dexamethasone Injection for Meniere's Disease " at the National ENT Conference at Bangalore in the Junior Consultant Category.
  • August 2003
    • Attended the 12th Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop jointly organized by the Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M Hospital and the P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical research center.
  • January 2004
    • Attended the K.E.M Hospital Alumni ENT Meeting and Conference.
  • August 2005
    • Attended FESS workshop at KEM Hospital
  • November 2006
    • Attended national ENT conference in Goa, India.
  • March 2007
    • Attended a surgical workshop on Thyroid surgery in Pune.
  • June 2007
    • Attended advanced workshop on Endoscopic sinus surgery in Pune.
  • November 2008
    • Member of organizing committee of MENTCON 2008
  • December 2011
    • Organising Secretary of Rhinocon 2011, Mumbai
  • October 2013
    • Organising Secretary ENT CONNECT
  • December 2017


Dr. S. M. Makharia

Hon. Surgeon and Head of Unit,
Seth A. J. B. Municipal ENT Hospital, Mumbai.
Consultant ENT Surgeon at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai.

Dr. Hemant K. Sheode

Head of Dept and Hon ENT Surgeon,
K. B. Bhabha Municipal Hospital, Mumbai.